Yuqian Sun is an artist living in Ann Abor, Michigan. She was born in Shenzhen, China in 1997.

Without receiving any artistic influence from her family, her dream of becoming an artist sprouted when she was 4. She started studying art since then. In 2011, she came to the United States for high school. Graduating from University of Michigan with a degree of BFA in 2019.


Currently focus in watercolor paintings and illustration-related work. The emotional intensity that emerges in the poetic flow of translucent color is the reason of her obsession of the medium.

Received her first 2 ball-jointed-dolls as the present for her 14th birthday, she falls in love with these resin dolls and started collecting them. From 2011 to today, doll photography to her has turnt from a pure hobby to a significant and unique aspect of her artwork.


August 2018

Sand · Gold

Personal Exhibition in Shenzhen, China



Picture Scroll of the Maidens

Doll photography portfolio published by the Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House


Nice to Meet Me

Personal Portfolio published by China International Press


Diary of a Fat Cat

Original comic storybook published by Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House


2015-2019: Bachelor of Fine Arts-Stamps school of Art and Design-University of Michigan

2011-2014: Visual Art major-Idyllwild Arts Academy