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9th Edition Boynes Artist Award in professional category & Artist interview

In August 2023, I joined the 9th edition of the annual Boynes Artist Award international competition, and I was so honored to become one of the 10 finalists within the professional artist category, which is the highest category of all 3 (young artist, emerging artist, professional artist). I was also interviewed by Boynes regarding my own career and artistic approach as a professional artist. ...

2024 Art Competition awards & exhibition list

List of Art Competition Awards by Artworks This list was updated on 3/1/2024. Artificial Fairies No.5- “Please Don’t Go” Watercolor and ink on paper, 2021 5th in Overall, 3rd in Painting, 11th “All Women” Art Competition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, United States Merit Award, “Black & White” Art Exhibition, Art Room Gallery, United States Honorable ...

2020 Surtex show

I attended the 2020 Surtex show at Javits Center, NYC from Feb 2~5. I was excited to display all the sample products I have made so far, from art prints, stationery products, tote bags to chinawares at my booth. It was such a great experience getting to expand my social network within the design industry!