Watercolor on paper

18 x 24 inches



Special Merit Award, 12th “Botanicals”, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, United States


I enjoy doing multiple life drawings of the same flower to record different stages of its withering process. Every one of us has asymmetrical facial features and minor imperfections. Each flower is also born to be unique. Recording certain flaws on a petal is like capturing a model’s subtle expressions. It adds vitality and personality to them. The color spots on those slowly drying out petals are visualized evidence of the intangible concept of time.

I found adorable fresh buds, flowers in full blossom, flowers that are withering, and those already dried out ones coexist in the same place. At this particular moment, in this very secret corner and lighted by the same sunshine, three groups of flowers are experiencing distinct stages of their life process. Each one of them seems to be isolated and lonely. But there is undoubtedly a circle of life demonstrated by them. This concept became my inspiration. I created this mysterious narrative space in this static painting that visualizes the powerful flow of life energy and an overlapping status of different moments within someone’s life journey.