Gem in Their Eyes No.4 
“White Opal”
Oil on paper
29 x 18 inches (72 x 44cm)
My art practice is derived from my doll photography works, which I started practicing when I was a kid. It was a pure hobby at first, but turnt into a long and comprehensive method of creation that carries my aesthetics. Some of the images are turnt into a series of watercolor paintings titled “Artificial Fairies”, while others become a series of oil paintings, which I titled “Gem in Their Eyes”.
I studied and experimented with these two classical mediums, striving to refine my painting style into a unique authorship. I look for the ideal doll in doll images I create. Inspired by visual beauty of these mass-produced toy dolls in real life, my work proceed to discuss the context derived from the meanings behind objects that are human beings’ artificial imitations.